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  • Facts about Snowflake®

    Snowflake® is a sub-brand and is manufactured ny Gram Commercial.

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  • Durability

    A professional refrigerator or freezer must run and run, day in and day out.

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  • Easy cleaning

    It’s all about providing smooth surfaces in stainless steel with as few edges and protrusions as possible.

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Snowflake® is a sub-brand of Gram Commercial

Snowflake® is a sub-brand of Gram Commercial

Facts about Snowflake®

  • Snowflake® offers 600 and 1200 litre 2/1 GN refrigerators and freezers with standard equipment including for example stainless steel finish, three/six grey shelves, lock, and reversible door (605 series).
  • The range of Snowflake® counters comprises 1/1 GN GN counters, available as a refrigerator with an extended temperature range, with the option of combining with drawer sets 2/2 or 3/3 as follows:

    K1205, two sections: Combine doors with drawer sets 2/2 and 3/3.
    K1605, three sections: Combine doors with drawer sets 2/2.
    K2005, four sections: Only available with doors.
  • The two Snowflake® blast chiller / freezers have chill capacities of 20 and 42 kg and freeze capacities of 12 and 25 respectively.
  • Snowflake® refrigerators and freezers are available with HFC refrigerant or more environmentally friendly hydrocarbons. 
  • Snowflake® is a sub-brand and is manufactured by Gram Commercial.